Monday, October 02, 2006

Back to School...

Just wanted everybody to know we are taking a lecture series on International Adoption offered through Cincinnati Children's Hospital. If you're in the Cincinnati area, you should check out their International Adoption Center. Its one of a few in the nation and has some really awesome staff. The head of the clinic, Dr Mary Staat, taught the first class last Thursday. She is great! From her opening statement "I'm an infectious disease pediatrician - that means I study diaherra" she had the class hooked. Its rare to find somebody so knowledgable about her field and with a friendly, open personality. We look forward to having her review our referral information when that day comes. Our future lectures include Sensory Integration Disorder, medical concerns after adoption, and attachment and bonding issues.

In other news, Kohl's has its new series of books/stuffed animals out for the winter. We have already picked up Dr Seuss's Sneeches and we'll probably go back for Green Eggs and Ham and the Grinch. The cool thing about this promotion is that you can get either a hard cover children's book or stuffed animal for $5. All of the proceeds go to a children's charity. They make great gifts, so buy a couple.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great series of lectures!! If I had time, I would almost like to go for my own knowledge. Maybe another time. Also, I checked out the Orchard children's clothing/toys, etc store in Springboro (it wasn't open yet last time we drove by)....lots of cute things! We'll have to go sometime. Well, glad to hear things are going well!
Shannon McAfee

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Gustin Family! It was a real pleasure meeing you both this past Saturday. As a coordinator it is so nice to meet families in person. And your blog is fantastic! I love the John Lennon bedding; I used it for my son's cradle, which was in our room.

Also, having a bed in your nursery is a wonderful idea! You will use it more than you can imagine.

Rachel Jorgensen

2:31 PM  

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