Thursday, August 31, 2006

Forgot to mention the shots last week

I had promised some folks I would write about the travel shots experience and Janie just reminded me that I never did so. Now that my arms no longer hurt, I actually feel like typing.

For traveling to Vietnam you need a nice array of vaccinations - Hepatitis A and B, Tetnus, and Typhoid. Last week was Hep A, Tetnus, and Typhoid at the local Board of Health. Luckily for me, I have had a Tetnus shot in the last few years, so I got to skip that. (Of course, when I was sitting in the Emergency Room two years ago, I didn't realize my good fortune!)

All I can really say about the shots are that they hurt - not so much at first, but for the next day or two. I know everybody reacts differently, so hopefully everybody else has an easy time. The thing to remember is that the day of feeling like crap from the vaccine is nothing compared to all the nasty things the actual disease does to you.


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