Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Recap

We've given out the blog address to a lot of folks in the last few days, so let me just say "Welcome new readers!" Also, please post - its very exciting to read other people's comments. As for our end, we'll try to keep you both informed and entertained as we move through this process.

This past weekend, we visited Janie's family and got to talk to them in person about the adoption. We had a great time and (hopefully) answered everybody's questions. The entire family was very supportive and interested in the process. Thank you, Mom & Marty!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Janie & Michael, You are quite welcome! It was terrific having you both here. Watching you give your "shpiel" to the family made me incredibly proud. I am again impressed with your knowledge and passion about "your favorite subject"!
Love, Mom

9:11 AM  

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