Monday, March 12, 2007


Hello Readers-- (J writing today)
Just wanted to respond to a tag (sent by E) and let everyone know what has been going on.
Adoption related news: Our agency signed 2 more provinces in South Vietnam and more babies should be referred shortly!! YAY!! We were very happy to hear this info. So, this should help our agency fulfill its quoted timeframe of 6-9 months since we turned in our dossier. YAY!!

Not much else new to report...

Now, on to this tag-- Here are 10 odd things about me (J):
1. I hate horses. No clue why-- I just do. Could have something to do with the way they smell. I am not big on the 'barn yard' odor.
2. I can close my nose without using my hands. I have always been able to this and I don't remember how I discovered this 'talent'.
3. I have developed a fear for driving alone on the highway. It just makes me very nervous anymore.
4. I am INCREDIBLY allergic to red dyes in food. I will break out in hives if I have something as simple as a Cherry Coke or 7-Up.
5. I make it a goal to read 50 books each year and I keep a book journal detailing all of what I have read. I always come up a couple books short- well, there's always this year!
6. I can NOT handle being told to 'calm down'. Most people will honor such a request to cool down a bit-- not me-- if I hear the words 'calm down' being directed toward me during a time of stress- WATCH OUT!!
7. I have never met a pen that won't make it into my mouth- I also chew on pen caps until they break. Gross, I know- a terrible habit for sure-- Especially when these pens belong to someone else!! OOPS!
8. I love combining bread and ketchup. Also, potato chips and ketchup are good too.
9. All the male cats (3) that I have ever had have been black- all black.
10. On the same note as #9, I can tell our cats apart by their meows-- just their meows and even in the dark.

Well, that's about it-- hope everyone learned something interesting.


Blogger Martiel said...

Hey book worm! 50 books a year??? that would be one book a week and 2 weeks left over to run back to the library and check out more books! Just don't read in mom always told me, "Don't read in the dark!" and then she'ld turn a light on...

on another note, YAY!!!!!!!!! Cheers! Here's is to finding the perfect baby girl for such a great couple to raise!

Duke is our baby for now, and we love having a black dog!

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry you hate horses. They are high on my list.

3:51 PM  

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